natcap named as a game-changing climate tech company to join Tech Nation's Climate Programme

We were the only nature intelligence company selected to join the Climate Programme, which will help us scale our service to help more clients integrate nature into their business decision-making.

Tech Nation, the UK’s leading network for ambitious tech founders, announced 24 game-changing climate tech companies joining its Climate Programme for 2024.

natcap is the only nature intelligence company invited to join the cohort.

Now entering its fourth year, the programme is designed to support the UK’s most promising climate tech companies with a curriculum tailored to tackling critical growth challenges and providing direct support on fundraising, acquiring multinational customers, and advocating on climate policy.

natcap's CEO Sebastian Leape said, "We're very excited to be joining the Tech Nation's Climate Programme. This will help us scale our solution and support more companies to integrate nature into business decision making."

natcap CEO Sebastian Leape

Tech Nation’s, Head of Climate, Sammy Fry said, “This is the year of climate tech adoption. We are experiencing an inflection point, where solutions are slowly approaching cost parity across multiple sectors and environmental regulations are being enacted.  Through the Climate Programme, we want to ensure we support this group of climate startups to reach scale and ensure their solutions are being adopted by the masses.”

The six-month programme is developed by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs, climate specialists, and thought leaders. The programme’s steering committee includes leading names who have transitioned their focus to solving climate change, including Dhiraj Mukherjee, Co-Founder of Shazam; Marta Krupinska, fintech entrepreneur turned climate tech founder; Roee Goldberg, Co-Founder of OpenWeb; and Lubomila Jordanova, CEO of Plan A.

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