Our mission

To accelerate the nature-positive transition by integrating nature intelligence into business decisions.

Our founding story

Founded by Professor Baroness Kathy Willis at the University of Oxford in 2018.

natcap are advised by world-leading experts in biodiversity, soil science, hydrology and ecology from ETH Zurich, the University of Cambridge, and Imperial College London.

Our values

Create clarity: We cut through complexity to empower informed, nature-positive action. 

Be rigorous; it matters: Our scientific depth and expertise delivers value for customers. As such, we think carefully about the theory and correctness of everything we do.

Pragmatic; iterative: We need to move quickly and decisively to create real-world impact. We deliver useful solutions, available now, and constantly improved.

Always learning: We know we don’t have all the answers now. By staying curious and open to new ideas we will get there together, faster. 

Openly human: We bring our whole selves to work and celebrate the quirks. Being honest, kind, and supporting each other enables us to achieve extraordinary results.

Dark photograph of feathers overlayed with white outlines

natcap is the nature intelligence platform for your nature-positive reporting & action.

Identify where you should prioritise your efforts, understand your nature impacts and dependencies, disclose to stakeholders and take action.

See how it works...
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