Our baseline sets the starting point for your ESG, Biodiversity and Net Zero Carbon strategies.

We are specialists in Carbon offsets plus :

1. Reforestation: We can advise you on the best areas to plant native tree species that deliver high performance carbon offsets AND enhanced biodiversity and other important natural capital assets;

2. Avoided deforestation and degradation: We can help you determine areas of biodiverse forests that will deliver high performance carbon offsets AND protect biodiversity and other critical natural capital assets, through avoided emissions associated with deforestation and degradation;  

3. Agroforestry: We can help you determine the best areas to plant native tree species to deliver high performance carbon offsets AND connectivity of biodiversity across agricultural landscapes;

4. Plantations: We can guide you on the risks and tradeoffs associated with carbon offsets provided by mono-dominant tree plantations AND their risks to biodiversity and other natural capital assets; and


5. Soils and peatlands: We can provide you with clear quantitative estimates of the opportunities for carbon offsets AND enhancement of biodiversity and other natural capital assets that can be obtained with peatland restoration and management practices to facilitate enhancement of carbon in agricultural soils

Natural Capital : (nætʃ(ə)rəl kæpɪt(ə)l) (n) def.
‘elements of nature that directly or indirectly produce value to people’

UK Natural Capital Committee, Recommendation N.3 (2016) “Organisations should create a register of natural capital for which they are responsible and use this to maintain its quality and quantity.”

Our academically rigorous models give you the most detailed available insight into:

  • Atmospheric carbon stored: (tonnes CO2e/ha)

  • Atmospheric carbon sequestered:
    (tonnes CO2e/ha/yr)

  • Soil erosion prevention:
    (tonnes avoided soil loss/ha/yr)

  • Flood risk reduction:
    (m3 surface runoff avoided/ha/yr)

  • Clean water: (tonnes nutrient runoff ha/yr)

  • Land for recreation:
    (important areas - visitors/ha/yr)

  • Pollination: (important areas - ha)

  • Biodiversity: (important areas – ha; index of connectivity)


We have unrivalled expertise in natural capital modelling, accounting and valuation across many sectors from land management to utilities.


Our models are the most detailed, scientifically rigorous and scalable on the market. On top of this, our people are second to none.


Natural capital comprises assets-in-perpetuity. This means that they should not be depreciated, but rather that capital maintenance should be provided to maintain the assets at least intact.


With our bespoke projects, our models work across the globe, to a consistency and accuracy that is unrivalled.


We are delighted to work with many partners from a range of sectors.


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