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The emerging nature reporting landscape

We take a deep dive into voluntary frameworks, such as the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures, and the Science Based Targets Network, through to evolving obligatory requirements from the CSRD, EU Taxonomy and SBTN. We aim to provide a clearer view for enterprise and finance on what is expected of you now and into the future.

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Signed into EU law in November 2022, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) represents the bloc’s most comprehensive sustainability reporting directive to date.

This guide details what you need to know, what it means to you, and how natcap can help.

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How to make complying with CSRD simpler

Explore the common challenges faced by companies and how you can simplify the process, save costs, and improve reporting quality.


Measuring what’s on the ground

If your organisation needs to comply with CSRD, it’s possible that you’ll have a report on Land-Use Change within ESRS E4 – Biodiversity and Ecosystems.


Understanding your business’ relationship with water

Water is likely to come up as a common theme across ESRS E2, E3 & E4. Taking time to gather data is vital.


How natcap measures pollution for CSRD's ESRS E2

Measuring your pollution levels is the first step to reducing your impact on nature and mitigating environmental risks that could affect your business.


Looking at the connectivity of natural landscapes

How animals and plants can travel between natural land matters. This is how we measure your impact.


What is the fragmentation of ecosystems

Knowing about ecosystem fragmentation will help you make long-term business decisions that’ll benefit both your business and nature.


What makes a good metric?

When it comes to nature and biodiversity, figuring out what to measure is complex. We always strive to meet 7 key criteria when choosing metrics to measure biodiversity and nature.


What is the CSRD Regulation?

An overview of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive


What is TNFD?

How can organisations align to the TNFD's recommendations to measure, manage and report on their financial nature-related risks and opportunities?


The importance of spatial data

The role of location-specific information when assessing our impacts and dependencies on nature.


Impacts and dependencies

What do we mean by corporate impacts and dependencies on nature?


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natcap is the nature intelligence platform for your nature-positive reporting & action.

Identify where you should prioritise your efforts, understand your nature impacts and dependencies, disclose to stakeholders and take action.

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