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Soil Organic Carbon capabilities upgraded

Soil organic carbon (SOC) has always played a role in sustaining agricultural productivity but is increasingly recognized for its impact on mitigating climate change through carbon sequestration.

Measuring SOC across a farm by employing sampling strategies is laborious, time consuming and expensive. Current maps offer a low spatial resolution and accuracy, as they are not accounting for short range variability in land cover, soil properties and topography.

Today, natcap is launching new SOC capabilities that provide a continuous map at 5m spatial resolution at national scales with high accuracy. We use a machine learning approach (Random Forest) with associated soil, weather, and topographical data as well as our 5m spatial resolution land cover map. Our clients across Great Britain can now access high resolution SOC data at farm and even field scales.

Going forward, we will shortly be releasing a decision tool for SOC management by including dynamic processes of soil and plant growth to explore the best land management strategies for achieving an environmentally sustainable level of soil organic matter in the long run. We will also be expanding the scope of all capabilities globally.

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