The geography you need.

Your view of carbon sequestration, water management, biodiversity and soil preservation may well have a very particular geographical footprint.

Our models work across the globe, to a consistency and accuracy that is unrivalled.

In describing your natural capital assets, we view them in terms of the natural capital assets (stocks), the ecosystem services (flows) from these stocks and their societal benefits (Fig. 1).

NatCap Research : Overview flow infographic

Figure 1: Schematic diagram to illustrate relationship between natural capital assets (stocks), ecosystem services (flows) and societal benefits. Note that a single asset can provide multiple ecosystems services/positive societal outcomes.


Our methodology starts with a natural capital baseline assessment, tailored specifically to your requirement:

i) a detailed quantitative understanding of the spatial configuration of natural capital assets on your land and the flows from them (e.g. tonnes/ha CO2 sequestered, tonnes/ha of carbon stored etc.);

ii) which results in a baseline natural capital asset register


Building on the baseline register and in collaboration with you, we then model where the greatest opportunities exist on their land holdings to further enhance natural capital assets (e.g. where further planting of trees will provide greatest benefit).

These assessments allow you to understand what you already possess in terms of natural capital assets (baseline), what you can do to enhance them further and how to reduce the impacts of activities affecting your natural capital.


We provide bespoke methodological frameworks to enable you to measure and assess progress towards your environmental sustainability targets each year.

If you would like to explore our Measure, Enhance, Report methodology built to fit your specific geographical needs,
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