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natcap models 

Vegetation Carbon Storage & Sequestration


Metric: Tonnes C02

Resolution: 5m (GB) 5-30m (global)

BaselineCanopy height of forests estimated using latest satellite data. Age & yield class of woodlands predicted using tree height, topography, climate & extensive field measurements from public forests
EnhancementPredicted carbon sequestered over any time period if most suitable woodland type were to be planted in given location. Can incorporate climate & fire risk

Soil Carbon Storage & Sequestration


Metric: Tonnes C02

Resolution: 5m, 15-30cm depth (GB) 

Baseline: Machine learning approach for associated soil, weather & topographical data
Enhancement: Decision tool for soil organic carbon for best land management strategies

Peatland Carbon Storage & Sequestration


Metric: Tonnes C02

Resolution: 5m, 15-30cm depth (GB)

Baseline: Extent, depth, condition of peatland & resulting CO2 emissions storage & sequestration
Enhancement:Targeted restoration scenarios for maximum impact on CO2 storage & sequestration


bee (1).png

Metric: Habitat importance, Protected areas, DEFRA metric 3.2 ,Connectivity

Resolution: 5m (GB), 5-30m (global)

Baseline: Summary of all open source designations of protected habitats. Assess multiple facets of biodiversity including species occurrence & abundance, connectivity to assess relative proxies of biodiversity, inclusion of desk-based estimate of DEFRA1 metric, using our 5m land cover map
Enhancement: Enhanced biodiversity metric to address flaws in DEFRA metric in UK context. Globally focused on connectivity between native habitats.



Metric: Metric with values between 0 (low) and 1 (high)

Resolution: 5m (GB) 

Baseline: Measure of the relative importance of land cover for pollination services
Enhancement: Heat map of where enhancement of habitats for insect pollinators would have the greatest impact on surrounding crop yields.

Flood Risk & Reduction


Metric: Avg m3/ha/yr surface runoff avoided

Resolution: 5m (GB), 5-30m (global)

Baseline: Physically-based, distributed catchment model. Estimates the difference in surface runoff between current vegetation and a scenario of bare soil
Enhancement: Scenarios for reductions in surface runoff thorough land cover changes

Clean Water


Metric: Physico-chemical indicators incl. nitrates & phosphate

Resolution: 5m (GB), 5-30m (global)

Baseline: Estimation of how much sediment and nutrient loss is avoided due to current vegetation
Enhancement: Impact of land cover in preventing soil and nutrient loss

Soil Erosion


Metric: Tonnes/yr

Resolution: 25m (GB)

Baseline: Areas in which the vegetation provides the greatest protection from soil erosion during rainfall events in your chosen report area.
Enhancement: Impact of land cover changes in preventing soil erosion.


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