Our methodology allows you to measure the baseline value of your natural capital assets, the advice to enhance value over time, and the tools to report and validate its increase in value.


Your natural capital baseline.

First, you need to know what your natural capital is, and what it is worth (to earn and trade carbon credits, for instance). We have developed state-of-the art models to remotely determine the natural capital benefits provided by any landscape in the UK (at a 5m-25m resolution). Our models are so detailed, we can tell you how much carbon each of your individual forest compartments is sequestering, and even your hedgerows. The models cover carbon storage, carbon sequestration, flood risk and clean water management, soil erosion, biodiversity, pollination and recreation.



The value you get from your natural capital.

Then you want to know how to improve your natural capital. Our people will give you a roadmap to make your natural capital more valuable. We are able to model the natural capital benefits that your land could provide if you enhanced planting of particular species and communities on your landscape. We provide you with different scenarios outlining where and what to enhance in order to increase specific benefits. For example, we can tell you whether you will enable greater carbon sequestration by improving your peatland, grassland or forestation, or the balance between these factors. Moreover, we can tell you which assets to maintain for increased biodiversity, and those to enhance in terms of animal and plant connectivity between biodiverse areas.



The growing value of your natural capital.

Finally, you need to be able to track the progress, the growing value, of your natural capital. You also want to report it to all comers in a robust and scientifically valid and credible way. We make it easy. We have developed an automated system to enable remote monitoring of your land and the natural capital benefits that it provides. By using this system, you are able to demonstrate to shareholders, to stakeholders, to government, and to environmental groups, that the land is continuing to provide its societal benefits. Our models are the most detailed and scientifically rigorous on the market, so they are credible and reliable for all parties.