Prof Dieter Helm

Dieter Helm CBE is Professor of Economic Policy at the University of Oxford and a Fellow in Economics at New College, Oxford. Dieter is Chair of the Natural Capital Committee and has been actively involved in the development of the 25 year environment plan and the new agricultural policy. He chairs the Environment Group, and is a Vice President of BBOWT. He is author of Natural Capital, published by Yale University Press. He guides the company’s research and analysis on the economics of Natural Capital and green investments.

Prof Kathy Willis

Katherine Jane Willis CBE is a Professor of Biodiversity at the University of Oxford. Until recently she was the Director of Science at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. She is also a member of the Government’s Natural Capital Committee. She has over 30 years of research experience focusing on modelling and remotely determining important landscapes for biodiversity and ecosystem services across the world. Most recently she has been leading a team to develop new and emerging technologies to assist land managers in decision-making to ensure the best outcomes for business and biodiversity.

Dr Abigail Barker
Chief Operating Officer

Abigail Barker spent 10 years at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew moving from a role as Deputy CIO to become the Head of Science responsible for Biodiversity Informatics and Spatial Analysis Department. At Kew, Abigail oversaw a team tasked with applying modern IT and spatio-temporal techniques to maximise the potential of Kew’s collections. Abigail has a PhD in spatial and statistical modelling of heathland ecosystems and has over 20 years hands-on experience of big data, socio-demographic and spatial analysis and modelling.

Ian Ondo

Ian is a quantitative ecologist with 5 years of experience in research fields related to biogeography, forest ecology, movement ecology and surface hydrology.  As a research assistant in French research institutions and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Ian has worked on modelling the dispersal and migration of wild populations; estimating and mapping the impact of climate change on the decline of species populations; and developing efficient, statistical, modelling and mapping tools for predicting the distribution of species. Ian has a master’s degree in Biostatistics & Modelling.

Dr Beccy Wilebore
Head of Research

Beccy is a quantitative ecologist with 8 years research experience in mapping and modelling natural capital and ecosystem service provision. As part of the Long Term Ecology Lab in Oxford, and the Spatial Analysis team at Kew Gardens, she has worked with large geospatial data and ecosystem models to understand how ecosystem function affects the provision of services and benefits to society. Beccy has experience of UK environment policy as a NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow on natural capital, and as a POST Fellow on urban green infrastructure. She holds a PhD in forest ecology and conservation from the University of Cambridge.

Dr Florian Zellweger

Florian is an environmental scientist working at the interface between ecology and modern Earth Observation technologies and datasets, and he specializes in using georeferenced species occurrence data to model biodiversity dynamics in space and over time. Florian’s work furthers the understanding of how biodiversity and ecosystem functioning are changing in an increasingly human-dominated world and contributes to the sustainable management and conservation of natural resources. Florian holds a Postdoctoral Fellowship position at the University of Cambridge and has a PhD in forest ecology and remote sensing from ETH Zurich.  

Dr Anna Zanchetta
Spatial Modeller

Anna is a researcher specialized in geospatial data analysis. Her academic background ranges from physics of the atmosphere to water management in developing countries and engineering. During her PhD she focused on remote sensing techniques for desertification studies in the Middle East region, and has recently completed a PostDoc in Technion about equity in transport. Anna is a true believer and promoter of free and open source software and its application for social and environmental benefit. She holds a PhD in Geomatics and Environmental Engineering from Bologna University.

Dr Thea Piovano
Spatial Modeller

Thea is an environmental modeller, specializing in hydrology. As a PhD student in the University of Aberdeen, she worked on hydrological modelling at the catchment scale, with a focus on spatially distributed tracer-aided rainfall-runoff models to investigate water storage and fluxes in cold region catchments. She has experience in mapping and geospatial data analysis. She has a master's degree in Environmental Engineering from Politecnico di Torino. 

Dr Carole Adolf

Carole is a plant ecologist and climate scientist specialising in the impact of climate change, land-use and disturbances, such as wildfire, on plant distributions and biodiversity across space and time. She focuses on statistical and spatial models, while also incorporating long-term data into her analyses to identify the full range of natural variability in ecosystem responses to climatic and land-use change. Carole is an associated researcher at the Oxford Long-Term Ecology Laboratory at University of Oxford and has a PhD in Climate Sciences from the University of Bern, Switzerland.

Dr Rhosanna Jenkins
Spatial Analyst

Rhosanna is an interdisciplinary scientist with extensive experience of spatial analysis and modelling. Her academic background ranges from climate change impact analysis and nature recovery to low carbon energy innovation and sustainable tourism. She holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences from the University of East Anglia. Her thesis modelled projected changes to the water resources, biodiversity and agriculture of southern Kenya as a result of climate change and development plans.